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In Hackney, we recognise our workplace reps are the heart of our union.

Whether in a school, college or elsewhere in the education service, the role of the workplace representative (rep) is a vital one for the National Education Union. Our reps help us build the union and support our members.

Whatever the scope of your role – from ensuring posters, advice and guidance are displayed on the staff noticeboard, through to liaising directly with the head teacher or principal – we could not function without you.

Useful Links for Reps

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Facilities Agreement

Under the Hackney Facilities Agreement accredited school representatives are entitled to the following time off:

1-3 members        1 hour per week

4-30 members        2 hours per week

31+ members        3 hours per week

1.5 days release for local training per year.

Funding for the above has been delegated to school budgets.            

Accredited representatives are entitled to the following facilities for association business, when not required for school purposes, by arrangement with the Head and on the understanding that any damage attributable to this use will be paid for by the association:

  • Private use of the school telephone without charge
  • Use of rooms in the school for appropriate meetings free of charge
  • Use of a specific noticeboard within the school
  • Use of a filing cabinet
  • Use of school typing, duplicating and photocopying equipment, where available, for essential union work within the school, providing this does not interfere with the work of the school and on the basis of repayment by the association for disposable items.

List of activities which an NEU rep undertakes in union facility time:


  • Open post and read information from the union.
  • Keep members informed by distributing information from the union to members.
  • Keep union notice-board up-to-date.
  • Inform members of training opportunities provided by the union.
  • Regularly check the NEU website.
  • Distribute information about NEU elections, local and national.
  • Complete surveys from the union on issues in school.
  • Contribute articles to the HTA news.
  • Inform members of meeting dates and agendas for HTA meetings.


  • Communicate with HTA, Regional Office and the national union.
  • Prepare union responses to management proposals for discussion at union meetings.
  • Respond when necessary to school policies e.g. Behaviour policy, Assessment Policy.
  • Communicate union policy to parents, including organising translations.
  • Liaise with other unions.


  • Recruit new members.
  • Check and regularly update the union membership list.
  • Organise union meetings – prepare, photocopy and distribute agendas, organise rooms, invite outside speakers etc.
  • Support and advise individual union members. Try to sort out any problems they may have e.g. pay, following advice from HTA or Regional Office.


  • Meet with the Head teacher regularly.
  • Represent members in meetings with management.
  • Help to resolve differences between union members.
  • Monitor school budget.
  • Negotiate with the Head teacher school policies, directed time, shadow structure etc.

If you are a workplace representative and wish to join the Watsapp group for support and advice from fellow reps and officers, please get in touch with Carly.


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